Welcome to the Author Stack. This publication sits at the intersection of craft and commerce, helping writers build more sustainable businesses that allow them to thrive while creating work that lights them up inside. We strive to give authors agency in a world that too often seems intent on stripping it away from them.

I’m USA Today bestselling author Russell Nohelty. People generally know me as a fantasy author, comic book creator, and professional speaker, but I’m also a serial creative entrepreneur. Throughout my career, I have owned a movie production company, a photography studio, a Verizon dealership, and more.

Currently, I own Wannabe Press and co-founded Writer MBA with my business partner

. Together, we also co-founded the Future of Publishing Mastermind and cocreated the Author Ecosystems.

With such wide-ranging interests and skills, I tend to think about building an author career differently than most writers, integrating lessons from every industry I’ve worked in to help you build a more robust and sustainable business.

I’ve written over 40 novels, yes, but I also write non-fiction, comics, and children’s books. I have written for magazines and newspapers across the country, along with working on licensed content for many companies. I’ve created over a dozen courses and built countless websites. I have worked with hundreds of photography clients and traveled around the world to work on movies. I’ve directed television and written web series. I have produced audio dramas, narrated audiobooks, and hosted podcasts. I’ve spoken at conferences, educational institutions, and private companies around the world, and sat on advisory boards across multiple creative industries. I have licensed books to board game companies and coffee distributors. I’ve had my work optioned by studios and pitched to companies like Nickelodeon and Disney. I have been repped by literary agents and managers and worked with A-list showrunners to package projects for Hollywood. I’ve sold my books into translation and done book signings on multiple continents. I have edited and contributed to dozens of anthologies. I’ve raised close to a million dollars on my own creative projects throughout my career and helped hundreds of creatives build successful careers for themselves.

I’ve touched almost every facet of authorship and creativity and been blessed to be pretty successful with most of them. Even the ones that flamed out have taught me a lot about how to build a path for other people.

Through my work with Monica, though, I’ve come to understand the ever-changing landscape of publishing in a way I never have before.

Most people are pessimistic about the future of publishing, but I can’t tell you how excited I am about everything that is coming in the next few years. It’s a great time to be an author.

Today, more than at any time in history, I believe there is a way forward for every author to have the career of their dreams.

If you want to find clarity in your author business, stop kicking against the current while barely getting anywhere, and are ready to jump into the future with a business that can sustain you for years, then you are in the right place.

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USA Today bestselling author of fantasy books and comics who sits at the intersection of craft and commerce, helping authors create sustainable businesses that light them up inside.
Lee Savino is a seven-figure romance author with multiple USA Today and Top 100 Amazon bestsellers who also has coached multiple authors.
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