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Stephen King is a loser

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Stephen King is a loser

This is my 51st show, so bear with me for a minute before you throw a fit about me hating on a living legend. I do have a point I promise. I know it’s crazy to call Stephen King a loser. I mean that’s insane. He’s one of the most popular authors on the planet.

But he is a loser and I’ll tell you why.

Here’s the deal. Stephen King does very well for himself. He sells between 1-2 million copies of every book he writes. I mean every book. He could write a book that is titled I Hate All of You, and sell a million copies.

The man knows his way around the written word, and many people love what he has to say. But still, he is a loser.


Because even though he sells 2 million books, there are 7.4 billion people in this world!

Now, let’s just assume for a moment that every single one of those 2 million books is sold to a brand new customer. That means nobody is buying a second copy and libraries aren’t buying multiples either. This is a fantasy world of course because fans often buy dozens of bo…

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