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Point of view is more important than raw talent

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Point of view is more important than raw talent

I was at the Broad Museum this week. It’s a gallery in downtown that displays modern art, which apparently isn’t very modern at all.

Did you know that modern art includes works created from the 1890s to 1970s, while contemporary art includes art created from the 1970s to now?

Isn’t that weird?

Modern art isn’t actually modern at all and contemporary art eventually won’t be contemporary. That’s crazy to me.

I waited two hours in the heat to get into this gallery and honestly, it was one of the most worthwhile lines of my life. I was blown away with the quality of the work.  

There were mixed media pieces hung in the gallery. There were enormous chairs. There was one painting that was just a flat green. There were metallic balloon animals twenty feet tall.

The thing is, the work wasn’t necessarily good. I mean none of it measured up technically to Frank Miller or even Frank Cho. They are technically gifted artists making incredibly proficient art. The artists at the Broad couldn’t hold a cand…

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