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Behind the 2016 SDCC revenue numbers

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Behind the 2016 SDCC revenue numbers

Let us end these Comic-Con special episodes with a complete look at our financials for this year. I will state for the record that I only have rough numbers for 2015, as I didn’t start keeping detailed financials until this year. However, I can tell you that in total we sold 350 units last year and made a total of $5250 in revenue.

That roughly broke down to 153 copies of Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, 75 copies of Convenience Store Diet, and an assortment of Paradise, Gumshoes, and The Little Bird and The Little Worm which equaled the other 122 units.

I want to go into a detailed analysis, but before we go further let’s look at the side by side comparison for both years.

Total books sold

2015 = 350

2016 =247

Difference = -103

Total revenue

2015 = $5250

2016 = $3473

Difference = -$1777

These are the two numbers that I want to look at closely throughout the rest of this article because selling over 100 less books and making almost $1800 less revenue seems bad. It seems really, really bad.

And it i…

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